Things to See and Do

Over 10 km long sea beach with singing sand is only 800 meters or 10 minutes walk from the house. From the windows of our guesthouses, across the lake, you can our neighbor – Nõva recreation area offering a wide range of possibilities for active recreation and where you can enjoy the beauty of picturesque small lakes – Tänavjärv, Veskijärv and Peraküla.

Within the borders of Nõva municipality there are parts of three protected areas – Nõva and Läänemaa Suursoo protected landscapes as well as Leidissoo nature sanctuary. 5 km away from Samblamaa guesthouse, in Peraküla is situated  Nõva Nature Center where you can get information and different materials about hiking paths in Nõva Recreation Area. Several hiking paths of Nõva protected area start from the Nature Center. Põlluotsa Farm Museum is good example of romantic landscape architecture.

Western Estonian coast and almost all our inhabited islands are in one way or another related with the Swedish history in Estonia. Samblamaa guesthouse is located in the middle of coastal Swedish area and it’s a good place to get a closer look at the life of Coastal and Estonian Swedes. Discover exciting events of our history and travel along Estonian Western coast and several islands.

imagescamesu3bWe also rent bikes to reduce walking if you want to cover longer distances. In Nõva recreation area there is Kividemaa cycle lane (57km).

Thousands of migrating birds regularly pass our guesthouses in spring and in autumn. This region is a worldwide recognized bird watchers’ paradise. Bird watching platform is situated 15km away, in Spitham near Dirham.

In Western Estonia and Harjumaa you can find a lot interesting in the history of architecture. Nõva St. Olaf’s church is known as the oldest wooden church in continental Estonia and may be even older than our oldest wooden church on the far away island of Ruhnu.

Halfway from Nõva to Tallinn are Padise Manor and Monastery. Ohtu manor  in addition to unique architecture offers great inside and outside theatrical and other entertaining events with tempting dishes. Manor tour starting from Samblamaa guesthouse can be extended with Saare (Lückholm) manor, Hatu manor and Vihterpalu manor.

Samblamaa guesthouse is a good place to plan your trip to discover Estonia. Within 100 km radius of bird’s eye view, i.e. within 1-2 hour drive you can get to Läänemaa in the West, Harjumaa in Central Estonia and its capital Tallinn, Pärnu, Paide – basically half of Estonian places of interest. Within 100-200 km radius of bird’s eye view, i.e. within 3-4 hour drive you’ll cover 90% of Estonian places of interest. About 300km to the south from Nõva Latvian capital Riga is located and in the east  Estonian and EU-Russian border starting from Peipus lake in the south.